Enactus team of BAFE
World network organization Enactus
(an acronym for Entrepreneurial Action Us – our entrepreneurial action)
includes students,
staff of higher education institutions and business leaders in 39 countries.
In its ranks consist of more than 42 000 students from over 1500 universities.
Currently, this international organization
is an Association of present and future top leaders,
focused on creating a better, more sustainable
world through the positive influence of business.
Since October 2012, it became the legal successor
of the international organization SIFE
(an acronym for Students in Free Entrepreneurship – students in free enterprise).
Every year at the national competition of teams
of leading universities of the country
represents the results of their projects on their own
in the towns and villages of the Republic.
Business leaders act in this case in the role of arbitrators,
evaluating the achievements of the teams from the point of view
of the success of the formation
by them of economic opportunities for ordinary citizens of Kyrgyzstan.
These competitions have a motivating effect on a constant search
for ways to improve and develop the entrepreneurial activity of people,
continuous improvement of economic literacy of entrepreneurs in the small business.
Team BAFE actively plunged into the project activities in
2008 and in a short time managed to achieve excellent results:
2009 – won two incentive awards of “the Best team-newcomer” and “Most punctual team”;
2010 – the first Cup “Spirit Award-2010″;
2011 – received the second Cup for second place in the national
SIFE competitions and Certificate of merit
“For excellent progress, achievement and special contribution
to the development of the global SIFE movement,
and active participation in the life of SIFE-Kyrgyzstan”;
2012 – received the third Cup “National Champion SIFE Kyrgyzstan”;
2012 – the opportunity to perform at the World Cup 2012 in Washington DC (USA)
on behalf of Kyrgyzstan,
where she managed to become third in their group,
ahead of SIFE winners Brazil and Singapore.