We are 20 th years old. On university standards – this is the beginning of the journey, becoming the university. By the standards of human life – it is a serious time and occasion to sum up the results of the check values, guidelines, define new vector of development.
Probably, each organization has own “keyword”, a sort of quintessence, reflecting the philosophy, principles on which to build the future. I think that for our academy, so the key word is “competition”.
Firstly, the Academy created the business company for the development of business and economics education, has always set itself the goal of preparing students for the competitive national and international labor markets, have an entirely new way of thinking in the field of economics.
Secondly, for us as a non government University, is always especially important to be highly competitive in the market for educational services. And, ultimately contributing to the development of market institutions, preparing qualified specialists, conducting applied research, we contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of our country.
The 20th anniversary BAFE celebrating in a radical modernization of the higher education system of the Republic and I am pleased to note that our Academy is always among the pilot high universities, innovator universities, developing innovative direction of development of the national high school. Today, as one of our strategic priorities are development of doctoral degrees, quality assurance systems, the passage of international accreditation procedures, the development of e-learning and support services for students and alumni.
20 – year anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to all staff, students and our partners for the contribution of each one of you in the success of the Academy.
I think that in front of us a lot of interesting ideas and projects. Our task is to make even more progress in education, research and innovation, and international activities. I am sure that we can do it!

Sirmbard Svetlana Rustamovna – docent, rector of BAFE