Day of the national language.

On September 20, 2019 at the Adam University took place a solemn event «Ulut bolsom – tilim menen ulutmun (To be a nationality – to have a native language!) », which was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Law on the State Language in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The event started with the national anthem of the Kyrgyz Republic.

At the opening ceremony academic vice-president of the Adam University, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, docent Zhamangulov A.A. deliveredawelcomespeech. HecongratulatedlecturersandstudentsontheDayofStateLanguage.

Students of the 1st course prepared an artistic and expressive reading of the E. Ibraev’s poem «Ulut bolsom – tilim menen ulutmun (To be a nationality – to have a native language!) ». Sophomores Seregin Sergei and Orlova Karina participated in the contest of proverbs and sayings. First year students presented interesting musical performance and students of the second year Alieva. A and Batyralieva N. presented presentations about history of the Turkic language group, on scientist-linguists, who contributed into development of the Kyrgyz language.

The event ended with the singing of patriotic songs «Ata-Meken» and «Kyrgyzstanym».

Before the beginning of the event in social media a poll on 30th anniversary of the Kyrgyz Language was carried out. By the end of the poll the following students were awarded:

  1. Mukhamedinova Kyial gr.E-2-17
  2. Tiuliumbekova Zharkynai gr. E-1-17
  3. Mukanbetov Arlen gr. E-1-17
  4. Satanova Anzhelika gr. E-1-18
  5. Rustambekov Kalybek gr. E-1-19

Head of the Department of Humanitarian and Fundamental Disciplines, docent Abdykadyrova M.B.