During the period of September 16-18, 2019 at the Adam University took place a series of lectures of the professors from the Aristotle University, the city of Soloniki, Greece. The cycle of guest lectures were held in the frame of Erasmus + LMPT project “Development of Bachelor and Master Programs in Sustainable Tourism in Open Education in China, Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan” on the topic of Training needs in sustainable tourism. The audience commended each of the invited professors for the professionalism.
After the lectures students of Tourism department showed the city’s places of interest.
Prof. Georgis Doganis

  1. Adventure Tourism, related concepts, historical tendencies, typologies, forms.
  2. The adventure Tourist: Characteristics, motives. The concept of risk, models. Wild life tourism.
  3. The future of Adventure Tourism.

Prof. Styliani Lefaki

  1. General approach to a cultural tourism, definitions and aspects.
  2. City landscape, Thessaloniki, Greece: History demands the public space back.
  3. Time, Memory and Architecture: Restoring memory and creating a city’s identity. The case of Berlin Germany

Prof. Eleni Papadopoulou

  1. Development of tourism and policy
  2. Tourism in the European Policy framework
  3. Local Development through tourism related action
  4. Agro tourism in European programs and policies


  1. EU Tourism Framework by Local Authorities
  2. kyrg 2 adventure tourist
  3. adventure tourism Doganis 1
  4. 4 Kyrgistan future of adventure tourism

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