BAFE actively working in the field of project activities. In 1995, the Academy won the first project supported by the Peace Corps, the Eurasia Foundation, Counter Part Consortium “Professional training for the unemployed.” Throughout educational activities BAFE implemented over 40 projects in cooperation with the OSCE, USAID, EFCA, ADB and other donors, European universities as well as. BAFE also an active participant in TEMPUS projects supported by the European Commission. In the period from 1999 to 2012 BAFE realized 8 Tempus projects in various fields. 

The current projects

Today BAFE is consortium member of the 4 TEMPUS projects.
QAMEL – Introduction of Quality Management in E-learning at Central Asian universities (2013-2016).

UNIWORK – Strengthening Career Centers in Central Asia Higher Education institutions to empower graduates in obtaining and creating quality employment (2013-2016).

TuCAHEA – Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture (2012-2014).

DOQUP – Documentation for quality assurance of study programs. The project aims to define and to implement an on-line documentation system for the QA of SPs in the Partner Countries (PCs), consistent with the European Standards and Guidelines for QA. This aim will be pursued through the cooperation of all the project partners, national authorities included (2011-2015).
At present BAFE with collaboration Telemark University College realizing following 2 projects: Education in the field of tourism, innovation and sustainable development. Enhancing teaching methods in Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics, Georgia – Shota Rustaveli State University and Norway – Telemark University College, supported by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU)
Library cooperation. Kyrgyzstan Universities and Telemark University College, Norway (2013-2014).


In accordance with the winning projects under the program Erasmus Mundus (TARGET, TARGETII, MARCO XXI) students and faculty of the BAFE have the opportunity to take on mobility in the partner universities before 2015.  

Student and staff Mobility information for the 2009-2014

ERASMUS MUNDUS– 14 people.
Italy– L’Aquila University
Spain – Universidad Politecnica De Valencia
Austria – Johannes Kepler University Linz
France– University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard
Bulgaria – UCTM
Lithuania – International School of Law and Business
Poland – Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Czech Republic – Masaryk University
Finland – TAMK 8 people.
Norway – Telemark University College 26 people.
Northern Cyprus – Girne American University 80 people.

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