Stop corruption

Stop corruption

Corruption – intentional acts consisting in illegal creation of stable relations of one or more officers, with authority, with individuals or groups to illegally obtain material, any other benefits and advantages, as well as providing them with these benefits and advantages to individuals and legal entities that threaten the interests of society or the state.

Counteraction of corruption – activities of bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, civil society institutions, organizations and physical persons within their powers (From the law “On combating corruption”).

Dear students of ADAM University/BAFE! About all the corruption, you can report it here.

The message is anonymous and will go directly to the rector.

To report cases of corruption

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We ask you to answer the questionnaire.

Your answers will help to detect existing problems to prevent corruption and to develop areas of work for prevention and fight against corruption in the higher education system, to improve the educational process at the University.