International Mother Language Day

On February 21, 2020 at the ADAM University in 307 room was conducted an event that was dedicated to the International Mother Language Day.

Purpose and objectives were acquaintance with the linguistic cultural traditions of the peoples of the world. Preservation and protection of endangered languages, promotion of linguistic and cultural diversity.

The problem of endangered languages ​​is quite relevant today. Indeed, in the world at present, approximately two languages ​​disappear in one month.

At the event were discussed interesting messages about the history of this Day. Our students have prepared poems, wall newspapers, songs in Kyrgyz, Russian and English and informative presentations as:

«UNESCO – specialized institution of the UN regarding issues on education, science and culture»,

«The peoples of the world by language families and groups», «Russian speech etiquette»,

«And do you know? »,

«Uluular aitkan uluu soz (the wisdom of older people’s words»,

«The history of Turkish language».
21.02.20 международный день родного языка