“Birdwatching” – is the formation among of students a conscious attitude to the environment, aimed at
caring for it and understanding unity with it is one of the most important tasks of education. In order to
develop students’ ecological culture through love for living creatures, in the frame of the educational
program of the DHFD was organized a tour in the botanical garden named after Gareeva “Bird
Watching” for the first year students in the fields of Economics and Management at Adam University.
Upon request of students also was organized an additional tour. Binoculars and field illustrated
identifier of birds served as a technical and methodological resource. During the excursion, students
observed settled species of birds, such as: Blackbird Turdusmerula, Great Tit Parusmajor, Magpie
Picapica, House Sparrow Passerdomesticus, Gray-headed Goldfinch Cardueliscaniceps, Wintering Finch
Fringillacoelebs, Rook Corvusfrugilegus, gray crow Corvuscornix, heard pheasant Phasianuscolchicus.
At the same time, the excursion participants got acquainted with the vegetation of the botanical garden.
Students learned a lot about the relationships that exist in nature, the importance of harmonizing
human activities with the laws of wildlife. Got answers to their questions. By the end of the excursion,
students of the economic field had some “green” business ideas, which were then vigorously discussed.
It is important to note that students were very enthusiastic about the idea of holding this excursion, all
three trips took place on a positive and active note.

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