On April 1, 2019, mathematics quiz “Own game” was held in 101 auditorium at Adam University /
BAFE. The event was organized by the senior teacher of the Humanitarian and Fundamental Department
Varshakidze A.N.
The quiz was attended by students of groups E-1-18 and E-2-18. 2 teams of 7 people each were created.

The purpose of quiz is:
1) to develop the creative abilities of students
2) expand knowledge of the subject
3) instill cognitive interest in mathematics
4) expand the horizon of students
5) team working
The game consisted of 5 rounds. In each round, participants scored points corresponding to each
question. Counting points led the counting commission, which included: Senior teacher Kasymova A.N.,
teacher Sultanaliev B.T. and methodologist of the department Samatova Gulshayir.
As a result group E-1-18 scored 54 – points and group E-2-18 – 57 points. The group E-2-18 won.
Quiz participants received incentive points in mathematics for the II semester of the 2018-2019 school
Department of Humanities and Fundamental Disciplines

Сегодня 26.03.2019г. проф. из UNIVERSIDADE PORTUGALENSE Jorge Marques встретился с
преподавателями университета АДАМ и поделился своим опытом. Тренинг проходил в рамках
проекта Erasmus+ LMPT «Развитие программ бакалавриата и магистратуры по устойчивому
туризму в открытом образовании в Китае, Вьетнаме и Кыргызстане».
On March 26, 2019, a professor from UNIVERSIDADE PORTUGALENSE, Jorge Marques, met with ADAM
professors and shared his experience. The training was held in the framework of the Erasmus + LMPT
project “Development of undergraduate and graduate programs in sustainable education and open
education in China, Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan”.